Introducing the Console Combat Yearly Membership!

Want to never pay for a Venue Fee again at your local Console Combat Monthly? Want discounts on all merchandise? Want an ID badge? WANT TO GET HELP ATTENDING EVENTS AND GET $$$$$$$? Click the link to find out how! 

Your co-creators of Console Combat have been thinking of ways to give back to the community and motivate players to level up and attend events.  We have devised a system that will benefit all levels of players.  For $40 a year, the benefits will include free entry (no venue fee) to all of our local monthly events, discounts on all of our shirts/stick bags/et cetera, and you get to be a part of the tournament pay back system that literally pays you to go to events!

If you attend six of our monthlies a year, the membership will have paid for itself.  Our standard venue fee for our monthly event is $7.  With this membership you will be given fee entry!

We are actively working on designs for our shirts and other merchandise including stick bags, hats, et cetera.  With the membership you will get discounts up to 40% saving you even more cash.

We are incredibly proud to offer the Tournament Payback system.  We are literally paying for you guys to go to events.  Here is how it works.  After you pay your $40 annual fee, you will qualify to be a part of the system.  Approved events, such as most regional's and major's, will qualify.  You must get the event pre-approved in order for it to count toward the reimbursement system.  So... how does it work? Its easy:

  • Attend three events with-in a one year period and Console Combat will pay your venue fee and game entry fees for the next approved event.
  • Attend an event and place top 8 in a main game and Console Combat will pay for your 1/2 hotel costs, venue fee and game entry fees for the next approved event.
  • Attend an event and place in the top 3 of a major game and Console Combat will pay for hotel costs, venue fee and game entry fees for the next event of your choice.
  • If you attend an event and win we will pay for all expenses to your next event including travel, hotel, venue fee and game fees.

Your average venue fee is $30-$50 and game entry fees are $10-$20 at most regional or major tournaments.  If you attend three approved events and get your venue fee and games paid for the next event, the membership will have literally paid for itself!  This is a system to benefit all levels of players.  


Events must be pre-approvedPrior to attending any event, you must email, place 'tournament payback request' in the subject, and get confirmation that the planned event qualifiesGames that qualify for the reimbursement system must also be pre-approved in the same manor described above.  To be reimbursed, you must contact Console Combat ( no later than two months prior to the events start date.  We will register you for the event and give you a choice of several hotels to choose from.  You must provide us with a copy of the receipt  for all room expenditures.  No exceptions.  This is an annual fee of $40 + tax and you can sign up at a Console Combat Monthly Event.  We accept Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) and cash.  Your membership will expire exactly one year from the date of purchase.  There are no refunds and all sales are final.  Console Combat reserves the right to revoke your status as an active member based on personal conduct that negatively reflects on our community or results in harm to any other gamer.