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April 22nd Console Combat Exhibitions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/27/2012 5:57 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

On April 22nd we will be featuring 3 high level exhibitions for your enjoyment! All Matches will be first to 5.  Starts at 7pm!  Click here for the full event details for the day.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3  

OMG its Andre vs The Blacktastic 


Mortal Kombat 9 

M2Dave vs Forever King 


Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 

Trike vs Brennen Karaba 


Click To Read More... Comment to build the hype!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG its Andre has finally turned the corner and has been having tremendous success in recent Majors defeating players such as PR Balrog, EG Floe, DJ Houshen, and many more.  Andre recently took 5th place at NorCal Regionals and top 16 at Final Round.  

The Blacktastic is know for his impressive Captain America and has proved it in tournament play.  The blacktastic has recently placed top 16 at Winter Brawl besting some of the major players on the east coast.  

M2Dave is a long time member of the MK Community.  He has been a major contributor to the online MK scene including sites like Test Your  Might and Mortal Kombat United.  In addition to his priceless contributions to the community, M2Dave has been finishing in the top 16 at ever Major he has attended in the last year.  Most recently, he was a match away from achieving top 8 at MLG's Winter Championships.  

Forever king is a young talent that has no fear.  With those "young man" reactions, King has been atop of the MK leaderboards since its inception.   Hearing of console combat, King has began to compete in the tournament scene.  He also attended this year's MLG Winter Championships where he finished 13th as he defeated many strong opponents including curbolicious who went on to eliminate Perfect Legend.

Trike is a prime example of what i hope to see in the future from many of our local players.  He cares about wining and getting better.  For months he struggled in sf4.  Through diligence and a good attitude he was able to tremendously improve.  Trike has been competing in tournaments and grinding with some of the best players in the area.  

Brennen Karaba is one to watch.  Although many of you do not know his name, I suspect you will comee to know him in the next several years.  He has been playing many top players and always seeks about ways to get better.  Trike and Brennen have never faced off in a tournament setting.  I am looking forward to seeing who will come out on top.

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