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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - Brotips 2

6/11/2012 10:46 am - FreeSuper comments

Here are the 5 essential steps necessary to becoming a pro at Virtua Fighter...(courtesy of VFDC.com)

This is Step 1!




A. On Offense:

- Basic offense revolves around the use of throws and mid strikes as a two-choice offense (more commonly known as nitaku).
- Anticipating opponent will stand and guard, use throws as your offense.
- Anticipating opponent will crouch and guard, use mid strikes as your offense.

B. On Defense:
- Anticipating opponent to strike you, use standing guard and crouching guard as your defense.
- Anticipating opponent to throw you, crouch or use strikes as your defense.
- Move away from your opponent so that their technique entirely misses you -- a good opportunity to counterattack!


For the rest of this informative introduction to the metagame of Virtua Fighter follow the link here!


Consider joining the forums and take part of this enthusiastic community of players! This will be the first time in years that they will have a chance at the spotlight. Much like the KoF community, these fellows are eager to lend aid in order to build a strong following for one of this fighting game communities', most honest fighting game!

Things that will be essential to learn to excel at this game include
- Advantage and Disadvantage
- Evading and Circular Strikes
- Inflicting Damage

- Match Flow

Soon enough you too may be proficient enough to be able to pull of amazing things such as the example match shown in the video below! It just takes a love and an interest in becoming better!

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