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Monday Night Money Party - 50 Turns! For Men Only!

6/12/2012 1:08 pm - FreeSuper1 comments

For anyone not familiar with Console Combat and our monthly tournaments, we also do a smaller less serious stream. It is conveniently located on our tab bar. This is the weekly stream where our local crew comes together and trains up in the grand buffet of fighting games that are available out there in videogameland. Last night on June 11, however, we took things on a slightly different direction.

In the RED corner we have our Challenger. Mad jive-talker, bullseye rock tosser, and newfound fitness guru, Butch "One-Punch" Hankus.

In the BLUE corner we have our defending Champion. A silent but powerful striker, he will take out your legs and crush your head at a moment's notice. John "Mr. Sakazaki" Golden!

What ensued was FOUR HOURS of the most intense and riveting Mario Party 3 bouts that anyone has witnessed in over a decade of this game's existence. Many coins were shaken down from the combatants and many Stars were straight-up mugged out of the hands of the winners of those precious tokens. The following three sets of videos will showcase the sweat and tears that were lost in that hard fought battle to decide who is the N64 Money Party Champion of the World!

Brace yourselves folks, the following was a real slobberknocker! Follow the read more link for parts 2, 3 and a BONUS video of absolute nonsense! Over a solid hour of high level professional videogaming talent!


Feast your eyes on this beating for the ages!

Bonus Post Game Celebrations!

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    06/13/2012 at 08:27 am | #333

    Effing the hypest shark attack game ever!

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