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Console Combat Returns for the Summer!

3/25/2012 7:55 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
Console Combat returns!  We have three scheduled monthly's at the Fox and Hound in Parma, OHIO.  Many of you are familiar with this venue.  For the specific details click the date on the right side of the screen. For full event details and venue information, click the upcoming event to the right of the screen.

The dates are all of Sundays:

  • April 22nd 
  • May 27th
  • June 24th

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MLG Brackets for the Winter Championships

3/25/2012 9:25 am - PlayingToW1N comments
Here are the brackets for the MLG Winter Championships.  They keep them up-to-date which is very nice.

MORTAL KOMBAT     Soul Calibur V    The King of Fighters XIII    

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Gamestop Local Tournaments

3/22/2012 9:01 am - PlayingToW1N2 comments

If you are not traveling to MLG or NorCal Regionals this weekend, there are a few gamestop stores that are hosting sfxt tournaments.  I believe the entry is free and the prizes are not very good.  However, it is a chance to compete. ALSO, YOU MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE IN PERSON AT THE STORE YOU WISH TO PLAY AT.

Update:  I called almost every store and met a lot of friction.  A few stores said that we needed to sign up in person and there was a chance that it may be canceled.  However, the Macedonia store run by Josh Weigland, is running it on 360 and allowing the using of fight sticks.   I would encourage you to head to his store.  Also, you do not need to sign up in person and can show up on Saturday.  Personally, I see this as an opportunity to compete and don't really care about the prizes.  Hope to see you there.   

Click the link for more details. All tournaments will be this Saturday, March 24th, at 2pm.

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Soul Calibur V: New Patch Notes

3/19/2012 6:22 pm - FreeSuper comments

Namco released full patch notes for the upcoming SoulCalibur V patch. The fuzzy guard option select "bug" will be fixed, along with a ton of tweaks to moves for nearly all the characters. It seems like most of these adjustments are nerfs, but we'll see how it all plays out when the patch gets released on March 21.

SDTekken is hosting a PDF of the entire list here, or you can read a sampling of the system changes below.

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Console Combat streams live on 3/14 for Westside Market Shankdown!

3/13/2012 11:39 am - The Blacktastic2 comments

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Although Console Combat has been undergoing an extended hiatus, we've been searching for a venue that will  help us better accomodate the players. It's the community that helps us keep this thing going, after all! However, we at the Northeast Ohio fighting game community have not stopped in our efforts to compete with other scenes across the country!

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Holy Bible: Umehara Testament

3/12/2012 12:01 am - FreeSuper1 comments


When this was initially brought up at our weeklies, I thought this was some sort of joke. But hell, you guys were not lying! This man is actually putting out a book!

Titled "The Power to keep on Winning"

256 pages

Release date April 2

Book Description:

This book covers everything about Daigo Umehara as the world's top professional gamer and his philosophy on life rather more than just videogames. This books is for anyone that wants to know about Daigo's way of thinking, like...

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PS3 vs 360

3/10/2012 3:22 pm - PlayingToW1N1 comments

Euro Gamer recently posted an article comparing SFxT's performance on the 360 vs ps3.  Our community technical consultant, Rob Khonsu and i208.net, read it over and have a few things to say about it.  Here is an sample: 

" The major difference between the two versions again is V-Sync. Meaning that if the entire frame is not done by the

time it needs to be shown the 360 will just show what it has (screen tearing) and the PS3 will just trash the frame

 and move onto the next. As consistent with past Capcom games it seems to offer a much better experience on

the Xbox 360. "

Follow the link for the full write up. 

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IPL SFxT Exhibition

3/9/2012 6:57 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
IPL put on an exhibition with several top players including BT Diminion, TS Sabin, EG JWong and others...  

Click Here to see the archived footage on Twitch.tv 

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Seasons Beatings: Cinco de Mayo Spectacular

3/8/2012 6:40 pm - FreeSuper comments
The Season's Beatings crew and dear friends of the city, Harmon and Ghaleon,, at Godlike Entertainment uploaded a new trailer for their upcoming tournament, Summer Slam which takes place over May 5th and 6th. It's worth noting that if you plan on attending the tournament, their registration page is now live. Check out the trailer and click here for more details regarding the tournament itself.

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Tender Moments

3/8/2012 6:33 pm - FreeSuper comments

I know it'll come as a surprise to kotaku, etc., but most of us who play fighting games actually aren't huge pieces of shit. After that touching moment (in the video posted), there was a fundraiser for ShinBlanka. He and a lot of other people were real deeply moved by the compassion that was demonstrated this and other times. Those include when Chris Hu's house Burning Down fundraiser, the japanese tsunami relief, and several other I don't recall.

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Final Round: Underappreciated Greatness

3/5/2012 11:11 pm - FreeSuper1 comments

Kusoru! I was not familiar with what this man had done in the past in this scene, but when a man has the tenacity to travel from Japan all the way to Atlanta, GA to play videogames. I can't help but cheer for the man! It also helped that his name translates to "Sh*t Sol". This is a man who instantly called for my attention!

A friend told me that his usual moniker is Ahegao Joe and despite a strong showing here, he's the weakest of the 5 kusoge gods. It's like Fist of the North Star except instead of using different ways of killing dudes, they have different styles of elegantly trolling people at fighting games. This is a group of players, I can love!

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SFxT: Save Scumming our Bank Accounts

3/5/2012 10:47 am - FreeSuper comments

As an old salty man in the world of videogames. I've had slight suspicion when on the debut of this Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom began heavily promoting the PS3 version of the game with near no attention being paid to the x360. Capcom is so sleazy it is nothing less than genius, this statement is right from their own blog.

Fortunately (or not so), Capcom has finally confirmed that all the DLC content that we will be paying for in the future is already on the retail disc! On top of it all Sony awarded Capcom an enormous MoneyHat in order to make their systems have exclusivity of the extra DOZEN characters locked away exclusively for their Vita platform. Do know that the Sony Vita is a handheld game system that no respectable player is able to use for competitve play. For the next six months, a full quarter of the cast is locked way with no way to access them through not-so nefarious means. The gimmick behind the Vita exclusivity is that if you buy the Vita version, they all magically transfer into the PS3 version and cross play back and forth. The X360 Version really was completely shafted in this regard!

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The Future of Fighting

3/1/2012 11:50 pm - FreeSuper comments

I have done my best to not be informed of what's going on and I have failed. I'm sorry.

This is a bit of a response to this article on Kotaku. It primarily details the fallout of what happened on Cross Assault and shuffling blame around.

While Aris has admittedly gone way over the line (and should have been reigned in WAY more by the people producing the show, who all should have seen this behavior coming from MILES away. Anyone in the community could and most of us have never even met the man).  I can't help but be aggravated towards the people outside the community screaming that assimilating into the Greater E-Sports Prosperity Sphere is the only way to sanitize and legitimize the scene.

No, it is not!

Sexism, racism, and homophobia are not, and should not ever be a part of the fighting community at large, no matter what Aris says. However, at the same time, that should not mean that the only way to purge those elements from the scene is going full-on E-Sports.

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The Crass Assault Show

2/28/2012 6:54 pm - FreeSuper1 comments

Giant Bomb has a pretty good summary of the debacle that is happening in regards to this Cross Assault reality show that is supposed to showcase both Capcom's new fighting game and the spirit of the community surrounding it.

It's a total quagmire.

It's also really disturbing how much Capcom waited to act upon learning of the happenings of the reality show they are sponsoring.

For those that want to see some of the highlights regarding what led up to the incident there is a link to a video at the end of this article. Keep in mind that the video only highlights Day One.

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Clevelands KMoon on SRK

2/4/2012 12:20 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
Kamui Moon, who is very well known for his execution and innovation in the Cleveland Scene gets his combo video on the front page of SRK.  Hopefully more to come soon.

Click Here

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Mortal Kombat Proving Ground Match Videos

1/15/2012 7:21 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

The talent this field brought was very very strong.  Several top players who have been in the top 8 and top 16 of several majors including DRS/THTB, M2Dave, Forever King, et cetera.  Click the below link for the match vids. 

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UMVC3 Matches from Proving Grounds

1/15/2012 6:56 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

In a tournament that featured many top players from the midwest, and argueable the best in the midwest (OMG its Andre) the results can speak for themselves.  In a surprising upset, OMG its Andre loses in the opening round to sketch.   After finishing 2-2, Andre was knocked out of the losers side by The Blacktastic and his stellar Captain America play.  Unfortunately these matches were all off stream.  The day before this event, OMG its Andre finished 2nd at Frosty Faustings.  See the full archive at Console Combats twitch tv page here.  Click the below link for a bunch of match videos.

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SSF4 AE v.2012 Match Vids from Proving Grounds

1/15/2012 6:31 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

In one of the most anticipated tournaments at Proving Grounds, SSF4 AE v.2012 did not disappoint.  Digital Battleground's alucarD did not drop a match until the grandfinals.  Competitors from PA, OH, MI, and IN were in attendence.  Top 8 included a wide range of characters from Dhalsim, Boxer, Ryu, Dictator et cetera.  Some high quality play on display.   Hit the below link for details.  See the full archive at Console Combat's twitch tv site here.

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KOF Match Videos From Proving Grounds

1/15/2012 6:05 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

Proving Grounds brought out some very solid KOF players from the Midwest region.  The game is being hailed by many top players as an incredibly solid game.  This is a game that has been gaining a lot of momentum since its release.  Hit the below link to see the match videos.  The entire archive can be viewed at our twitch tv channel here.

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Proving Grounds Results

1/8/2012 5:25 pm - PlayingToW1N comments


January 2012 in Cleveland, OH

Click the link to see full results, brackets and match videos.

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Updated Brackets

1/8/2012 12:58 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

Proving Grounds!

1/7/2012 5:19 pm - PlayingToW1N1 comments
Proving Grounds is Upon us. 

Here are the details.

Description Console Combat Presents: Proving Grounds @ Fox and Hound Parma

Hosts: Matt Shultz (PLAYING TO W1N) and Manny Patron (Free Super)
Stream by Console Combat and directed by Brett Ferlin @ www.twitch.tv/consolecombat
Media Consultant: Rob Khonsu and i208.net

A full day event. This is not your ordinary Console Combat. Free Give-a-ways including a 4-Gig Xbox and more gaming accessories. There will also be a special event preceding the finals. Pot Bonus for all games!


1) $10 Venue fee + $2 Paypal Fee + Entry Fee for each game you wish to enter.
2) Log into Paypal and send money to M.Shultz@hotmail.com. Be sure to list the games you are entering in the personal message before you click 'send money'
3) As an alternative, you can make a payment in person at an upcom

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Persona 4 Midnight Arena Baby Combos

12/17/2011 10:37 am - FreeSuper comments
Some little baby combo videos for Midnight Arena got posted. I'm sure they're completely non-optimal and showoffy and don't at all represent what the game will look like when played, but hey, let's watch some of them anyway!

Protagonist demonstrates gold-burst combos   Yukiko is all about zoning so her combos are really short.   Kanji super throw gimmicks!   Yosuke doing some sort of air attack into a fast-fall into his speed-up super into nonsense
  Chie does cr. A, A hitconfirms

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On this Day in Fighting History

12/15/2011 1:22 pm - FreeSuper1 comments
Takashi Nishiyama spent a not insignificant amount of his career basically creating SNK's fighting game repertoire, but this article on 1up also has a lot of classic Capcom information as well. There was a lot of information there that I was ashamed not to know. This has erased some of my shame for the day and I found this article absolutely fascinating!!
Nishiyama has been in this job for so long and has been so silent that this piece filled in a lot of missing pieces about the history of the fighting genre from both Capcom and SNK.

But (for me) every answer it provided created another question. For instance, Nishiyama notes that when SNK was bought out by UEC there were over 600 people in development alone. Mistranlation? What could SNK be doing at the time that needed 600 people? The NeoGeo Pocket?

Nishiyama also mentions future Dimps IP, I fancy the idea of an SNK vs Dimps in the future, whichever form it may take (no idea which genres they're going for, but I've liked a lot of their work...), just because it feels right.

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Changes coming to the site - Look out!

12/6/2011 11:36 pm - TheGiant comments
Just a quick note to everyone that's been having issues logging in - there is help coming: Facebook login/integration - Soon you can link/use your facebook to log in.  This should help some of you who have issues confirming an email as facebook does all the heavy lifting for us.  This also means things like posting comments to your wall and emailing you when there's a site update are on the horizon. As always if you're having issues, contact me at thegiant@consolecombat.net More to come, keep your eyes on the site for more nifty features!

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