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The True Cost of Divekick

7/16/2012 11:26 am - FreeSuper comments
In this thread, Mike Z lays out how much Divekick should cost.

Now, I wish Keits and his team the best, but they must've totally got the wrong advice from the wrong people! The current XNA-based (prototype) game might need a lot of tuning up and refining under the hood, but there's no reason they couldn't use Monogame to port it to pretty much every platform they're interested in delivering their game to. Personally, I don't think there's much of a demand for Divekick to approach the interest of even Skullgirls! Most of the people who've played it at various tourneys were satisfied with the "clumsy" prototype as it currently exists, and thought from how the Kickstarter was worded originally that they would be funding the polishing & release of that version. Instead, they wrote their Kickstarter proposal deceptively, and when they did reveal that they actually intended to build the game all over again from scratch we...

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Super Lengthy Dandy Guides!

6/21/2012 11:00 am - FreeSuper1 comments
Longtime fighting game player and Ohio native, DandyJ has released a new tutorial in this moment's hottest new fighting game, Virtua Fighter 5: FS! This is the same man that has created an excellent series of KoF tutorial videos and author of (probably my most favorite of things) the homo-genius series of magnificent fight clips.

This newest iteration clocks in at at a whopping 2 HOURS and 41 MINUTES of nothing but explanations of the basics of Virtua Fighter. This is essential viewing for those of you new to the series and especially if you are new to the world of three-dee fightmans! On the video's youtube page there is even a convenient mediafire link if you wish to view this offline since youtube is pretty flakey in making timestamps past about an hour! This puts me right at home with the old VF4 on ps2 which also had a very comprehensive tutorial to help get our feet wet. This new iteration of VF5 is pretty bare-bones so this is good in learning more of how the game wor...

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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - Brotips 2

6/11/2012 10:46 am - FreeSuper comments
Here are the 5 essential steps necessary to becoming a pro at Virtua Fighter...(courtesy of VFDC.com) This is Step 1!

A. On Offense: - Basic offense revolves around the use of throws and mid strikes as a two-choice offense (more commonly known as nitaku).
- Anticipating opponent will stand and guard, use throws as your offense.
- Anticipating opponent will crouch and guard, use mid strikes as your offense. B. On Defense:
- Anticipating opponent to strike you, use standing guard and crouching guard as your defense.
- Anticipating opponent to throw you, crouch or use strikes as your defense.
- Move away from your opponent so that their technique entirely misses you -- a good opportunity to counterattack!   For the rest of this informative introduction to the metagame of Virtua Fighter follow the link here!   Consider joining the forums and take part of this enthusiastic community of players! This will be the first time in year...

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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - Brotips

6/5/2012 9:16 pm - FreeSuper comments
For those of you curious about the latest fighting game. or are just searching for something to try out because you're sick of Xfactor, Sega has put out the first of a series of tutorial videos to learn their newest home release! Remember the base package is only fifteen dollars on either PSN or Xbox! If you have joined PSN+ this game is FREE for members to download for the entire month of June! All the extra DLC portions are just costumes and accessories, nothing that affects gameplay or changes the balance! You already get all the meat, only pay for the sauce!

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
Hot Dog! Read more for Part 2!

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April 22nd Complete Results

4/22/2012 1:18 pm - PlayingToW1N2 comments
Click the Link for the complete results Brackets: Street Fighter x Tekken Soul Calibur V Skull Girls Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012 The King of Fighters XIII Mortal Kombat  Tekken 6

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Got Meter to Burn?

4/9/2012 11:17 pm - FreeSuper1 comments
I've heard some people say that their character does no damage or has little options. Even some talk about tiers being as important an issue in choosing a character as they are in some of the other more popular fighting games. Not here! Your choice to win is many!
Every character in this game has the potential to be a killer. Sure some are easier than others, but just about everyone can turn on the hot butter mode and take your ass down! All you need to do is watch this glorious 20 minute saga of destruction and go hit the lab!

Heck, even if you can't do HD combos go ahead and fast forward to Shen's portion of the video at the 9 minute 15 second mark. He made someone his bitch in only SIX friggin hits! If that doesn't make you want to learn at least one of these showcased combination attacks, you need to get a new hobby! Hell just watching these has made me reconsider learning some more characters. Ash's combo at 19 minutes 6 seconds is just the most troll-tastic o...

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SNKBlog Update: Ash Crimson

4/5/2012 11:26 am - FreeSuper comments
I've been curious about using Ash as a point character so this SNKBlog post comes at a rather fortunate time for me! This video give a pretty decent breakdown on Ash basics. http://game.snkplaymore.co.jp/official/kof-xiii/blog/archives/2012/04/post_65.html The following translation is courtesy of The Professor from the MadMan's Cafe

Quick translations

-The basic strategy for Ash is shooting projectiles and AAing with his flash kick. Use that as his fundamental while setting his kiss flame and using his cr.B so that the opponent can't get in.

-Ash can AA (anti-air) his opponent in most situations if they jump after seeing his projectile, so the likelyhood is that they'll jump on read, so doing feints, such as whiffing a cr.A and doing an anti-air, is important.

-His B flash kick has fast startup but the invincibility is short so it can trade hits, while his D flash kick has long invincibility but has a slow startup so it might not ...

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Soul Calibur V: New Patch Notes

3/19/2012 6:22 pm - FreeSuper comments
Namco released full patch notes for the upcoming SoulCalibur V patch. The fuzzy guard option select "bug" will be fixed, along with a ton of tweaks to moves for nearly all the characters. It seems like most of these adjustments are nerfs, but we'll see how it all plays out when the patch gets released on March 21. SDTekken is hosting a PDF of the entire list here, or you can read a sampling of the system changes below.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to evade low attacks and block mid attacks by inputting "up" direction when holding guard button. Although this makes it difficult for players to evade low attacks by just jumping, there is no change when evading with jump attacks.
  • Unblockable frame duration is now longer during the back step. No change in moving distance and speed.
  • Buffering time has decreased when you get hit by the opponent character. This is to avoid attacking when you accidentally hit buttons after gettin...

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PS3 vs 360

3/10/2012 3:22 pm - PlayingToW1N1 comments
Euro Gamer recently posted an article comparing SFxT's performance on the 360 vs ps3.  Our community technical consultant, Rob Khonsu and i208.net, read it over and have a few things to say about it.  Here is an sample:  " The major difference between the two versions again is V-Sync. Meaning that if the entire frame is not done by the time it needs to be shown the 360 will just show what it has (screen tearing) and the PS3 will just trash the frame  and move onto the next. As consistent with past Capcom games it seems to offer a much better experience on the Xbox 360. " Follow the link for the full write up. 
Full article on eurogamer.net here.

Rob Khonsu's Translation:
The major difference between the two versions again is V-Sync. Meaning that if the entire frame is not done by the time it needs to be shown the 360 will just show what it has (screen tearing) and the PS3 will just trash the frame and move onto the next...

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KOFXIIIcs Console Changes Part 4 (Final Cut!)

11/2/2011 8:53 am - FreeSuper7 comments
Welcome ladies and germs to the fourth and final edition of the KOFXIIIcs updates     System Changes
-Backstep turns to aerial state in 1 frame. Backstepping can be used as a way to evade attacks on wakeup.
-The guard meter's recovery timing and recovery speed has been changed. Compared ot the arcade, it starts to recover sooner after blocking an attack, but its pace of recovery is slower. KENSOU
- [Featured in video] EX Ryuusougeki(qcb+AC in air) has faster startup.
- [Featured in video] st.B> st.C has been added in as a chain combo. A followup can be done when it hits.
- [Featured in video] Shinryuu Seikoushou(qcf,hcb+P) has been changed to a 1F throw
- [Featured in video] Ryuusougeki(qcb+P in air)'s recovery frames can be canceled with specials and higher
- [Featured in video] Chokyudan(qcb+P) has faster recovery. Producer Yamamoto says-
Kensou's Shinryuu Seikoushou(qcf,hcb+P) can be useful not just to break through...

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