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Novembar Monthly Results

11/26/2012 3:23 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
Results from our November Monthly! Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Soul Calibur 5 Mortal Kombat 9 Halo 4 (2v2)   Another great turnout with ~80 gamers in attendance.  We introduced Halo 4 and I was extremely happy with the turnout.  The players were highly competitive and highlighted Halo's potential in our tournament scene.  Matt and Joe held it down and took our first Halo 4 team tournament.  SSF4 AE had a familiar outcome with CORN's alucarD taking ANOTHER Console Combat monthly.  alucarD continues his dominance in this game.  CoCo's Matt Shultz comes in second with CoCo's Brennan Karaba taking third.  OMG itz Andre adds another UMVC3 championship to his impressive resume. 

Mortal Kombat 9 featured some of the best players in the world.  Three time EVO champ, CoCo Perfect Legend, was in attendance.  Galloping Ghost arcade also showed up and came to pl...

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Arcade MK9? In Asia?

8/15/2012 2:08 pm - FreeSuper comments
In weird news...from AM-Net.jp, an arcade version of Mortal Kombat is currently location testing in Chiba prefecture, Japan. There's currently very little info aside that it seems to be based on MK9. No news whether it's a PCB or NesicaLive release. Has there been any official word from Midway or anyone else about this? I'd love to hear the explanation for MK's unexpected return to the arcades in, of all places, Japan. Did old MK arcade games ever even make it over to Japan? Currently this beta is running in an arcade called Yawata Ace. Pictures here: Numero Uno & Numero Dos UPDATE!

I read YSK's tweets about this, It's pretty hilarious! Highlights include:

"It's a single machine, with a 1P control panel"
"No DLC characters. The unlockable ones aren't there either"
"When I did a fatality, I got a trophy lol"
"Everything is in English, of course. Seems like it's just the console version stuck in a cab"
"After I beat the ...

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Ohio's own Blind Swordsman

8/9/2012 6:25 pm - FreeSuper comments
News Via testyourmight.com! "With great honor, we have a very special interview to show to everyone. If any of you watched the Console Combat fighting game stream back on July 29th, chances are you know where this is going. We bared witness to our first ever "Blind" player to be playing Mortal Kombat. When Tim Static informed that this was about to happen on stream I jumped to my laptop and tuned in immediately and did my best to spread the word." Click this link to check out some of his matches and for the full interview with James and his brother Devontae. We really hope to see them every month. Especially when NetherRealm's Injustice arrives for consoles soon! It is amazing to have such a unique entrant taking part in an event most people would deem impossible for such a man!  

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Konsole Kombat!

7/27/2012 8:20 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
Konsole Kombat! Console Combat regulary houses some of the fiercest Mortal Kombat in the country.  This weekend will be no different.  Coming fresh off their top 8 finishes at Evolution 2012, CoCo M2Dave and CoCo Forever King, will be in attendance.  Evo champ, KN/EMP Perfect Legend, also regualry attends our Monthly events.  Although PL is unconfirmed for this Sunday... who knows when he may pop in?

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CoCo Monthly Results for May 2012

5/28/2012 1:55 pm - PlayingToW1N2 comments
I have finally gotten around to posting all of the results from our May 20th Monthly.  Click the link to see brackets, videos and a brief write up. Brackets: Mortal Kombat 9 Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds The King of Fighters XIII Soul Calibur V Street Fighter 3rd Strike Street Fighter x Tekken Tekken 6   Video Playlists: Mortal Kombat 9 Soul Calibur V Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds   View the full Twitch.tv stream archive here.  Look for Videos recorded on May 20th, 2012.   Congrates to Gary Chan and Redwood for winning the sticks in this months raffle! 

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Once Again...

5/15/2012 7:53 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
Once again the guys at testyourmight.com have recognized Console Combat.  If you ever had a question about anything MK... this is the place to go.  Check out there news post here.

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April 22nd Match Videos

4/24/2012 4:59 am - PlayingToW1N comments
Here are the match videos from April 22nd.  If you would like to view the full archive visit our twitch.tv site here.  Click the link to view all the videos. Mortal Kombat Playlist  KOF XIII Playlist  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Playlist  SSF4 AE v. 2012 Playlist  Soul Calibur 5 Playlist  Skull Girls Playlist  SFxT Playlist  

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April 22nd Complete Results

4/22/2012 1:18 pm - PlayingToW1N2 comments
Click the Link for the complete results Brackets: Street Fighter x Tekken Soul Calibur V Skull Girls Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012 The King of Fighters XIII Mortal Kombat  Tekken 6

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MLG Brackets for the Winter Championships

3/25/2012 9:25 am - PlayingToW1N comments
Here are the brackets for the MLG Winter Championships.  They keep them up-to-date which is very nice.

MORTAL KOMBAT     Soul Calibur V    The King of Fighters XIII    

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Mortal Kombat Proving Ground Match Videos

1/15/2012 7:21 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
The talent this field brought was very very strong.  Several top players who have been in the top 8 and top 16 of several majors including DRS/THTB, M2Dave, Forever King, et cetera.  Click the below link for the match vids. 
Grandfinals Winners Final   Losers Final   Winners Semis
  Winners Semi Winners Quarterfinals
  Losers Semis

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