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Console Combat Monthly - June Edition!

6/21/2012 9:21 pm - PlayingToW1N comments
Another Console Combat Monthly is upon us.  Full details here. 
Click the link to see the schedule.

Here is the schedule for the day!
Schedule For June 24th, 2012 Hosts: Matt Shultz (PLAYING TO W1N) and Manny Patron (FreeSuper) Media design and consulting: Rob Khonsu and i208.net Stream and technical consultant: Brett Ferlin Console Combat is collectively run by the Cleveland FGC!  We could not do this without the support of the community and its active members! What: Console Combat Monthly! When: June 24th, 2012, Doors open at 11 am. See below for tournament start times. Where: The Fox and Hound in Parma, Ohio             8735 Day Drive, Cleveland, Ohio, 44129 (map)            Please patronize the Fox and Hound.  Please, NO Outside Food or Drink. Support us and the venue!
Stream: Hit the tab on the main page or go to our twitch tv stream here. RSVP: Faceb...

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The Console Combat Membership Is Here!

5/14/2012 7:18 am - PlayingToW1N comments
Introducing the Console Combat Yearly Membership!
Want to never pay for a Venue Fee again at your local Console Combat Monthly? Want discounts on all merchandise? Want an ID badge? WANT TO GET HELP ATTENDING EVENTS AND GET $$$$$$$? Click the link to find out how! 
Your co-creators of Console Combat have been thinking of ways to give back to the community and motivate players to level up and attend events.  We have devised a system that will benefit all levels of players.  For $40 a year, the benefits will include free entry (no venue fee) to all of our local monthly events, discounts on all of our shirts/stick bags/et cetera, and you get to be a part of the tournament pay back system that literally pays you to go to events!

If you attend six of our monthlies a year, the membership will have paid for itself.  Our standard venue fee for our monthly event is $7.  With this membership you will be given fee entry! We are actively working on...

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