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Andre at ECT4

6/13/2012 6:09 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

CoCo's OMG its Andre had yet another big finish at a major this year taking 9th place at East Coast Throwdown 4 hosted by Johnny Cage and LI Joe.  Since January, Andre has competed in numerous events and has exhibited consistency time and time again beating some of the most recognizable faces in the fighting game community...

During this tirade Andre has come a very long way in his game play and execution.  Embracing the controversy that is OMG itz (fill in the blank).  Regardless of the outcome, always winning/losing with class.  It is very hard to dispute the results he has earned in UMVC3 with his Vergil, Magneto, Wesker team: Final Round (13th), Norcal Regionals (5th), Power Up (3rd), Season's Beatings Summer Slam (5th), UFGT (17th) and recently ECT4 (9th).  During these events, Andre proved he could contend with the best in the country and defeated many of the nation's best including EG Floe, DJ Huoshen, PR Rog, Krispy Toco's, Dieminion, Toiyet, and PZ Poy.  Who can forget the specticle that was Unknown vs CoCo OMG itz Andre!  The culmination of several months of fueding, they finally had there momenet during ECT4.  Even though the outcome of this video shows Unknown taking it, after an official recount done by the TOs it was confirmed that Andre won this match 10-8.  You can catch him in action this weekend at CEO.

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