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Christmas Combat Tournament Results

1/10/2011 10:58 am - PlayingToW1N comments

The first ever externally promoted Console Combat tournament proved to be a success and generated excitement about the newest fighting game scene in the Midwest.  The super street fighter 4 singles competition drew over 40 players from areas such as greater Cleveland, Pennsylvania, Toledo, Michigan, and Indiana.  We had a prize pool of $546.  Our top 8 included some very prominent names in the Street Fighter Community.  This tournament utilized a round robin pool play system.  With 6 players in each pool, every play was guaranteed 5 matches at the minimum.  From each pool, the two players with the top records advanced to our Top 16 double elimination bracket.  Also, our host venue, McCarthy’s Downtown was able to see more than 120 people walk through their door throughout the day.  

Winning the tournament was a player with a lot of momentum and has been virtually unbeatable in the Midwest.  With a notable 2nd place finish at this years NEC, he had a breakout performance where he beat players such as Arturo Sanchez and PR balrog (among many other players).  Also, he was this years inaugural Evo Online Champion where his finished on top of a bracket that included players such as Filipino Champ, Vangief, Alex Valle, and iPeru.  Wolfkrone’s C.Viper was on point during this competition.  A humble player that has a great understanding for the game was in true form this weekend.  For the most part Wolfkrone rolled over the competition and was only truly challenged by our 2nd place finisher in Perfect Legend.  After getting knocked into loser by Wolfkrone in the winner’s final, he was able to defeat Shinlad in loser’s final for another shot.  Perfect Legends trademark character, Akuma, did not lead the charge in the grand-finals.  After falling with Ryu and Cammy he returned to his main and nearly reset the finals after putting two victories together.  In the end he fell in a very close match.  Perfect legend has been playing at a very high level for a very long time.  Recently he was able to finish top 8 at Evo online and Beatdown II.  Both of these players put on a great show and exhibited some very high level play.  In the Midwest scene these are arguably your number 1 and 2 players.  


Your 3rd place finisher, OMG Itz Andre had the strongest showing from the local Cleveland players after edging out myself in a very close match that came down to the last 10 seconds and chip damage.  His Chun Li has evolved into a very strong player.  Although he does not plink, he is able to consistently perform very tough links.   Andre went undefeated in pool play and lost to perfect legend in winner’s quarterfinals and losers finals.  He is young and I expect big things from him in the future.  Andre plans to represent Cleveland in an upcoming event in Columbus.   


4th Shinlad (Bison) opened a lot of eyes this weekend as he represents the state of PA.  Utilizing solid frame traps and consistent execution he was able to show how effective an aggressive M. Bison can be.   He advanced from pools in second place after losing to Wolfkrone in a decisive victory.  In the top 16 he was able to finish in 4th place after losing to Perfect Legend in winner’s semifinals.  He fought back to loser’s semifinals only to lose to Omg Itz Andre in another close match.   There are several strong players in the PA area and we hope to see more of them next time.

Tieing for 5th were TFA KIU and Immortal Cheeseface.  TFA Kiu started off in the winners bracket with a loss to PLAYING TO W1N.  As Kiu is a Sagat player, he vocalized and exhibited a very hard time with this matchup.  From there he had a bye followed by 2 consecutive wins over Balrob and Free Super only to drop his loser’s quarterfinals to Shinlad.  This was Kiu’s first time ever making the money in a live tournament.  Immortal Cheeseface plays a very solid Vega/Claw.  He demonstrated efficient links and a very patient play pattern.  After advancing to winner’s semifinals he lost 2 straight matches to Wolfkrone and Omg Itz Andre.  He has been around for awhile and has a lot of tournament experience.  He recently finished top 16 in this year’s Evo online tournament.

I (PLAYING TO W1N (sim)) was able to tie for 7th place with Free Super.  I lost in pool play with Perfect legend, after defeating TFA Kiu in first round of winners I fell to Shinlad, and finally to OMG Itz Andre in loser’s semifinals.  I felt very comfortable in my match ups though I could not handle the rush down from Shinlad and Perfect Legend.   

Free Super’s El Fuerte was very difficult for players to deal with and his notable reaction time and anticipation were on display in this event.  After going undefeated in pool play, he was able to advance to winner’

Give thanks where it is due.  Without McCarthy’s this event would not have been possible.  They allow us to come in every Monday night and game.  They have awesome food, great drink specials, and an awesome atmosphere.  Also, thanks to all the local players who brought set ups to make this event possible.  Thanks go out to Balrob to quality commentating and overall hype.  Also, Rob Khonsu for setting of the visual audio and Pirin for helping with pool play.  I personally put a lot into this event.  Although it consumed a large amount of my time, it has motivated me to make the next event even bigger.

We are trying very hard in the Cleveland area to develop a strong offline gaming scene.  I hope everyone can come out on Monday nights and support the scene!  Also, be sure to become fans of the group on our facebook page for updates and upcoming tournament information.  We also have a website at www.consolecombat.net.  It is currently under construction.  As I am able to update news stories and events, we will soon have a forum, multimedia section, and have the ability to register users.  Once this site is complete it will be our main media outlet.

1st  Wolfkrone (C. Viper)                                               $ 240

2nd Perfect Legent (Akuma, Ryu, Cammy)                        $ 145

3rd Omg Itz Andre (Chun Li)                                          $ 65

4th Shinlad (M. Bison/Dictator)                                         $ 40

Tie 5th TFA KIU (Sagat)                                                  $ 25

Tie 5th Immortal Cheeseface (Vega/Claw)                         $ 25

Tie 7th PLAYING TO W1N (Dhalsim)                                   -

Tie 7th Free Super (El Fuerte)                                           -


Pics of the venue and your top 16 bracket below.  Videos will be posted soon.


Grand Finals

TFA Wolfkrone (C.Viper)  vs Perfect Legend (Ryu, Cammy, Akuma)


Winner's Finals

TFA Wolfkrone (C.Viper) vs Perfect Legend (Akuma)

Loser's Final

Perfect Legend (Akuma) vs OMG Itz Andre (Chun Li)

Winner's Semifinals

Perfect Legend (Akuma) vs Shinlad (M. Bison)


Winner's Semifinals

TFA Wolfkrone (C.Viper) vs Cheeseface Immortal (Vega)

Winner's Round 2

OMG Itz Andre (Chun Li) vs Perfect legend (Akuma)




Loser's Semifinal

OMG Itz Andre (Chun Li) vs Shinlad (M. Bison)


Loser's Quarterfinal

TFA Kiu (Sagat) vs Shinlad (M.Bison)



Loser's Quarterfinals

OMG Itz Andre (Chun Li) vs Cheeseface Immortal (Vega)


Winner's Round 2

TFA Wolfkrone (C.Viper) vs Balrob (Balrog)


Winner's Round 1

PLAYING TO W1N (Dhalsim) vs TFA Kiu (Sagat)


Loser's Round 2

TFA Kiu (Sagat) vs Balrob (Guile, Balrog)


mccarthys downtown


mccarthys downtown


mccarthys downtown


top 16

*correction, it should be TFA Kiu

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