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First MVC3 Tournament Results

2/26/2011 1:12 pm - PlayingToW1N comments

Although the weather prevented a large number of people from coming, we still had a great turnout for Console Combats first ever MVC3 tournament.  This game is still very fresh and there is a lot to be explored.  It is a heavily offense based game and allows for a large amount of creativity. I was not there for the entire tournament and I will add more to this story as I get the info.

Ex Testament AKA unreal entity  (ha... i just said tity) came out in 1st place.  For the most part, he rolled over everyone in the tournament.  I feel that this game fits his play style much better than the slower SF.  He put on a display and showed a lot of us what this game is capable of. 

In second place, Yeti had a very strong showing.  He too, met little resistance through the duration of the tournament. 

Rounding out third and fourth place were OMG ITz Andre and Kelly "Dudly" Brown





1st EX Testament   $65

2nd Yeti  $30

3rd OMG ITz Andre  $10

4th "Kelly Dudly Brown"  $5


We are planning a bigger event, as soon as we get confirmation on the date from McCarthy's we will start posting info about it.



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